The Next Generation of Bulletin Boards

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Voting on threads and posts

  • Popular and interesting threads and posts rise to the top
  • Eliminates stickie cruft and endless thread bumping
  • Downvoted comments are pushed to bottom of page and get viewed less

Suggests similar existing threads

  • Searches for similar threads based on title and post content
  • Displays suggestions alongside the post
  • Users confirm that their post is different from the suggestions when submitting
  • Prevents duplicate threads for common topics

Social and Local Logins

  • Eliminates friction of creating new accounts
  • Enables hassle-free onboarding of new users
  • Allows easy sharing of threads
  • Increases site popularity through user's social circle

Heirarchical Post Layout

  • Easily follow multiple discussions in the same thread
  • Eliminates constant quoting of other posts
  • Increases user engagement, by making it easy to follow a particular discussion within a thread

Signature Limitations

  • Text only user signatures
  • Signatures limited to one line
  • Eliminates 1 line posts with 10 line signatures

Built-in Flamewar Control

  • Posts that are 'too hot' - get too many replies from the same people too soon, automatically get a reply timeout
  • Allows users time to cool down and approach the discussion civilly
  • In addition, moderators can 'soft-ban' specific users from that post, for a particular time or permanently

User Tagging

  • Tag other users in threads and posts
  • Allows users to draw the attention of other specific users
  • Increases user-engagement and encourages community formation

User Notifications

  • Users get notified of new posts in threads they posted in and posts they are tagged in
  • Makes it ridiculously easy to follow interesting threads
  • Eliminates constantly checking threads individually for updates
  • Increases user-engagement by reminding them of discussions they are interested in

Responsive Design

  • Works as well on a 4 inch mobile screen as on a 17 inch laptop monitor
  • Eliminates need for native apps
  • No more annoying prompts to 'Download our native app'

Completely Hosted Service

  • No technical knowledge required
  • Never worry about server maintainance or software updates again
  • Scales smoothly as per your need with the help of cloud hosting

Security Comes Standard

  • Builtin protection against CSRF, XSS, SQL Injection and a multitude of other attacks
  • DDOS protection via CloudFlare
  • Man-in-the-Middle protection using HTTPS

Also has

Builtin SPAM protection
Lightning fast full-text search
Super clean design
Theme support
Banhammers Galore: hell-ban, IP Ban, perma-ban
Auto-ban and auto-unban users based on their behaviour


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